Monday, May 12, 2008


I am now in Boca Raton, Florida. its further north than where i just left. a lot further. it is almost to the northern edge of the mission boundaries. we have a car again, so that a nice thing for my knees. and i have a new companion in Elder Christensen. I'm posting up a photo of him along with this week's post. the new area is nice. there are a LOT of old people, a LOT of rich people, and even more of both.

I am setting up a doctor's appointment later this week to see what could be wrong. the stretches only work for a few minutes before the pain returns, and the medicine only takes the edge off... i either need stronger pills or something....... don't get worried though. worst case scenario i might need physical therapy or some kind of drugs. i highly doubt ill need surgery or anything like that.


I've gotten some opportunities to cook some. I'm starting to see where dad found his love for cooking. we had one of our investigators give us almost 3 pounds of Mahi-Mahi fish. i cooked it in a Lime-Tequila marinade (store bought pre-made. no i didn't buy alcohol) and it turned out really good. but as it happens everyone in the apartment hates fish so i get to eat it all myself.

I'm trying more and more adventurous things, but I'm now limited by my money situation. we only get $137 for food expenses and that is a LOT less than you think it is because everything is twice as expensive here. MILK is almost 5 dollars a gallon! YIKES!

the indigenous wildlife is apparently edible. I'm trying to find a good recipe for Iguana. apparently there's a lot of Haitians here and iguana is a delicacy there. I'm thinking of cooking one whole so i can pose it like a thanksgiving turkey,...... maybe even put an apple in its mouth.

well that's all i have time for today (less than a minute left... i need to learn to type faster.......)

cards an letters should be showing up by now.... and I'm buying a nice set of forever stamps so that doesn't happen again.

Love y'all!
Elder Tritsch

Transfer to Boca Raton


Tomorrow is transfers day and guess what?! I'm moving! I'm going to be moving to Boca Raton, FL and I don't have my new address yet. Just send anything to the mission home address and they can get it to me quite quickly. I'm leaving my dying companion (mission slang for nearly finished), Elder Seegmiller here in Davie and getting a new companion, Elder Christensen, when i get there. The new area is still an English area since I haven't quite finished my training yet and the ASL program has Sisters in it at the moment. YAY I GET TO PACK AGAIN!!!! lol


knees still hurt. the stretches and things that the doctor prescribed aren't really working. they only help for a few minutes then the pain comes shooting back. ill have to see if i improve over the next week or two then if i don't ill have to go back into the doctor for x-rays and maybe an MRI.... I'm really glad that the mission gives all the missionaries insurance coverage... all i have to pay is a $10 co-pay. Small miracles eh? Yeah more pills. they make the world go round and the room spin!!!!


well since transfers hit I'm not teaching anyone at the moment, but some of the people I'm leaving behind are progressing well. Ronnie, who i have discussed before has had a few bumps, but hes back on track and should be baptized in a few weeks. too bad ill miss it though.

we started teaching a nice guy, who said he was an atheist but then he kept asking questions he had about god, which we were able to answer from the Book of Mormon. i have high hopes for him since he really seems genuinely interested and i hope the next set of missionaries can lead him down the path to baptism.


Mosquitoes have abated somewhat. I'm now down to just a couple on my hands, sever on the back (i have no idea how they got there...., one between the toes, and on inside my ear ( OW ). Yeah! I'm not being totally eaten alive!

People noticed that i knew how to sew and now I'm the resident tailor...... Last DDM (district Development Meeting) i hemmed probably 4 pairs of pants during the lesson. OY! i think if i ever get more time, I'm going to start to do sewing projects to help me relax somewhat. the stress is really starting to wind me up and i need to find something to release it. my companion, elder Seegmilller says he wants me to make him a BYU yarmulke (he heard about my jewish heritage.)

Well that's whats happened since last week's letter. thank you everyone for the support! and a special thank you to Nana, the card really helped me a lot!

Love you all!
Elder Jared Tritsch