Monday, April 27, 2009

We got a nice letter and a picture with Jared's new Mission President and his Wife.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Safe in LA

Hey everyone!

Dad, you're right I have a lot to report on, but I'm going to try and keep it short as i can. I'M IN LA!!!! (as if everyone doesn't already know that)

I flew out on Wednesday after spending the morning in the mission home. I had my last Personal Priesthood Interview (PPI) with President Hale, wherein I took the missionary tradition of tie trading to a new level by trading ties with President Hale, (he says he plans to wear mine next Zone Conference). The flight took me through Atlanta and I landed in LA about 9:15 PM. After getting lost in LAX trying to find the Delta Baggage claim, I met my new Mission President, President Blackburn, as well as both my new companions! Elder Johnson is from Arizona and has been out for 20 months. he is really cool and has a truly good grasp of ASL. Elder Balaich is deaf. He is from Denver, CO and is, as i just said, as deaf as Zack is. In fact, he remind me quite a lot of Zack... just taller... and bigger....

I am serving immediately in the Torrance 4th Branch for the Deaf (the ASL branch) and have really dove into the work. Things are going quite good!l Love everyone!

I had to leave some stuff behind but right now I can't think of anything im in need of. but, as always if you want to send stuff im not going to say no... :) j/k

Love you all.

Elder Tritsch

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Mother of all TRANSFERS

Hello Everyone.

We received a phone call today from Jared. He received a phone call this morning from his Mission President, telling him that he will be transferred again. But this transfer is quite a bit different from his other transfers.

With the closing of the Miami Deaf Branch, there are now too many ASL missionaries in the Ft. Lauderdale mission. So under the direction of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, Jared is being transferred to the California, Los Angeles Mission. There is a high need for ASL missionaries there.

He is being transferred on Wednesday.

His new address is here on the blog.

Please keep him in your prayers for a safe transfer and success in this new area of service.

Todd Tritsch.

Closing of the Deaf Branch in Miami

Hey Everyone,

Its a bit of a bittersweet week this week.

The deaf branch is officially closed and the members have been split up over 3 wards. One of which being my ward, so, about 8 members from the deaf branch will now be attending our ward... and guess what? I get to interpret for 3 hours straight! Also, Elder Gundry was transferred away. Due to the changes in the deaf branch, we requested that each of those three wards would have 2 ASL missionaries in them to make interpreting possible. So elder gundry went up to coral Springs and I have a new companion in Elder Fraser. He was in my MTC district and came out with me. Hes cool and all but he is hard of hearing himself... so doesn't really help me much on the interpreting angle. He tries, but when he can't hear the speaker himself, its a bit hard to interpret...I got to do my first ever confirmation!

We had a baptism on the 22nd. The boy bring baptized is named William, and he is the little brother of one of our recent converts. He is 10 years old. We had been teaching the whole family, mostly working with the mother and getting her to commit to a baptism date. We did not really think William was ready for baptism just yet, but when we extended the commitment for baptism to his mom, she felt she wasnt ready. But, William pipes up and says, "can i be baptized?" and we were floored. "of course!" we said, "that is, if its okay with your mom." The mom gave her consent and we have a date set! yay! plus its going to be a double baptism with one of the 8 year olds in the ward so that will be really cool to see!

William was then confirmed a member of the church and he asked me to perform it giving me my first opportunity to do that. that was pretty cool.

Elder Zwick of the Seventy is touring our mission this week so he will be attending our zone conference on Wednesday.

Thanks for all the Support!

Elder Tritsch.

Here are some fun pictures.
374 - The last Day of the Deaf branch
375 - President Juall (ASL branch prez), Brother Hawes (high council), David Toledo and his new baby.
707 - ZONE! Elder Kikongi (black guy), Elder Baggaley (left kneeling), Elder Fitzgerald (on couch), Elder Olsen (next to him), Elder Knickerbocker, Elder Call, Elder Lybbert (pink tie), Elder Gundry (in back), Elder Smith (tall guy on table), Elder Rose (thumbs up), ME, and Elder Robinson
710 - tie trading 101 - step 1: Find a tie your companion Really loves.
712 - Step 2: trade him for 6 ties you like better :)