Sunday, November 2, 2008

Transferred AGAIN!

Yup! You read that right! TRANSFERRED! That makes 6 transfers out of 6 transfers! Well that's and interesting capstone to a very interesting week. This week started okay, I guess. We met with Alyssa and her birthday was on Sunday so she was leaving town to visit Las Vegas for her birthday. We had a good lesson and she really enjoyed General Conference. but... since she was out of town on the 19th, I wont be able to see her baptized. darn...then the week took a turn for the bizarre. Remember Charles? He disappeared completely. We stopped by his house several times and even his parents haven't seen him. I'm getting kind of worried about him because I know he spends most of his time hanging around the gangs in Liberty City. Then 3 other of our investigators got anti-Mormon literature from their pastors, and proceeded to drop themselves. One of whom did so by a letter... strange...and then I get transferred!
Well, I'm senior companion now serving in the Miami Young Single Adults Ward (A ward that has young people between the ages of 18 and 30, mostly students). I'm companions with Elder Villasenor, a Spanish language missionary who came out with me. We are having a blast. When we were in the MTC together, we said that we wanted to be companions but since I was ASL and he was Spanish, we thought it would never happen. Well here we are! lol. Yes. my move was a grand total of 2 miles from apartment to apartment. :)

We do get to go to Institute and family home evening, which is awesome. (Institutes of Religion are special programs available to college students around the world and are set up specifically to support college students who are LDS). The teacher is really cool, and he is also the 1st counselor in the branch presidency. We dont usually prostelyte on college campuses because most of them dont allow it. We are asked to make sure to go through the proper channels and a lot of campuses say no. Its really a bummer because thats a really goood way to find people. :(

If we teach a single woman, we will go on an exchange (have a member of the ward go with us) just like in family wards. Its kind of nice because all of the members hang out anyway so its really easy to get people to come along... also.... the men/women distribution is about 10:1, so all the men in the ward are interested if there is a new girl we are teaching.

Speaking of which, we have a baptism coming up in a few weeks. A woman by the name of Maria. She has already had a baptismal interview and just has to overcome a few things and she will be baptized. She's really excited and we are too!

Referalls are pretty high, but since normal finding efforts like tracting and contacting is even LESS than the norm, it balances out. We still tract and contact but almost everyone we find is passed to my old area... Miami Shores.

Oh! We are getting a new place! Our current apartment is falling apart so we were tasked to find a new place. We found one we like and we are having it inspected by Elder Kynaston (Senior missionary over apartments) today. Its really nice and I hope we get it.

I mentioned before that I have taken up knitting. I knit on P-days (since its ether that or basketball and you know how much I dont like basketball) and also I knit during personal study. I have been working my way through the scriptures and have been listening to the audio versions of the scriptures. I knit to keep my hands busy and I get cool christmas presents out of it! So far, my companions think its more cool than stupid that I knit. I have even taught a few how to do it.

Weather is really nice lately. We are right on the ocean, so we we get that cooling effect. Right now, its only like 75 and sunny. If I didn't already know how miserable the summers are I might be fooled into living down here.

tip: South Florida is REALLY miserable during the summer. heat+humidity+rain+hurricane threats+nutjob drivers = BAD

Love you all very much,

Elder Jared Tritsch