Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Letter From South Florida

Hello Everyone.

Sorry this letter has been so late coming. I have been stuck in the storms and haven't had a chance to write since the last one I sent. Things are continuing to progress here. The storm, Faye, hit us, but we didn't get anything more that a bit of rain. Boring! We got more rain in Chicago during a thunderstorm. We did lose power for about 4 hours or so , but it came back without incident.

So, I have helped two people to enter the waters of baptism! So far! Before my transfer, Karen Cotton was scheduled for baptism, but I was transferred 3 days before. So I could not go back and see Karen's baptism, but we did get pictures with her before we left.

I am now in the Kendall Lakes area, west of Miami and when we got here, the old missionaries has been teaching Melissa. She is 13 years old and she is a great kid and was baptized last week. The photos are enclosed. You can see my old companions with Karen and I, and my new companion, Elder Ruppe with Melissa at the church.

So, both my companion and I are pretty sick right now. We bouth cought and upper respiratory infection and we are on some pretty strong antibiotics. I as stuck in bed for all last week, unconcious or hacking up a ling. I am on antibiotics, mucinex, tylenol, and sleeping pills to help me get some rest. Yikes! I am starting to feel a little bit better. The infection should be gone (I hope) but I still have the fever and the cough.

My companion got sick first, so I did have a chance to focus on my studies. I have been listening to the Bible on CD and I have finished the New Testament and now I am on Exodus in the Old Testament. At this rate, I should have completed all the Standard Works by the end of the year. Cool.

Thanks for sending me everyone's addresses. I am going to try to write them more often with all of this sick time I am having. (Now that I am not bedridden)

I love you all. I am still alive and I am sorry I am the worst person on the planet for writing correspondence. Thank you all for your support.


Elder Tritsch.