Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Hey everyone!

Things keep chugging along here in LA. Elder Balaich and I have been staying really busy. We will be getting a new Branch President this Sunday (for the deaf branch) and we have already met with him to discuss what changes he wants to make.

We are working with the same group of people, though we have found a few that turned out to be less-active members of the church. So we are now working with them, too.

We had an epiphany today. We asked ourselves, "Is there a common factor as to why all these people went less active?" Then a thought popped into my mind to reread President Hinckley's talk on how to help recent converts. He says that all new members of the church need 3 things: a friend, a responsibility, nourishment with the good word of God. We thought, "Do these members have those things?" We went down the list and realized that ALL of them were missing at least one! Ok and behold, we now have our new strategy for reactivating members!

Happy @ Sarah! You beat out my blog in word count, grammar, and interest. LOL. You always were the better writer. Sucks with the swine flu though at the MTC.

Well that's all for me this week! Tune in next week for hopefully more pictures!


Elder Tritsch

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures from Jared

061 - Elder Oswald! i swear we share a brain.... i thought i was unique....

059 - me, Elder Fraser, and Max: the ward mission leader and all around cool costa rican

054 - the last time i saw elder gundry in the flesh *sniff*

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for what seemed like a delay. P- Days are strange here. Technically they are on Mondays like in Florida but since temple p-days are on wed, thursday, or friday pday is delayed on those weeks. Plus if a holiday falls on Monday a can't email until tuesday. Fun huh? But that's the cost of being able to attend the temple.

Not many things have changed I'm the last couple weeks except we had to delay the baptismal date for the Maravilla family because the eldest son got put on house arrest for truancy and implication in a burglary. But he is free and clear on June 30 so we set the date for the 5th. Fun times.

Another of our investigators, Eddie Parker, got baptized last Sunday! yay! picture is attatched! Eddie has been investigating the church for over four years and has overcome drug addiction, alcoholism, and many other problems to get where he is today! He looks so happy like a weight is being lifted off his shoulders! you should have seen him once the baptism was complete! he looked magnificent! Elder Balaich performed the baptism and I did the confirmation. its my first confirmation in ASL and was a neat experience!

Funny tracting story. We were knocking doors in San Pedro and we came to a house where a friendly man and his sin answered the door. We had a really nice discussion and I learned that the boy hold the work record for the youngest professionally sponsored drummer. Trust me, this kid is good. Check him out his name is Cole Marcus. He's got some sick YouTube videos he says.

Here's a few:

Been raining on us the last couple of days. Kinda reminds me of Miami until I realize that it's light rain... Unlike the rain in miami that's so dense you can't see more than three feet in front of you... LOL I miss that place sometimes.

Other than that things are pretty much business as usual.

Big shout out to sarah, GOOD LUCK AT THE MTC AND IN ARGENTINA!!!

Trust me, you want as much as you can get... But I mean that in a good way.

One tip: the morning schedule sucks and it never gets easier. But it's worth I so do it anyway.


luv y'all!!!

Elder Tritsch