Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi Everyone from Manhattan Beach

hey everyone!

Things have been progressing well here in my new area, Manhattan Beach!

I am currently with Elder Bingham form West Jordan, UT, who has been out for a little less than a year.

We have one investigator, Chantal, who we are really excited about. We found her and her mother through street contacting. One day we were visiting a less-active member and, upon finding him uninterested, were heading back to our car.

We saw a woman struggling to get her groceries out of the back of her truck so we went over and helped her unload. After talking with her, we learned that she and her family had just moved out here from Las Vegas (about half a mile from our house actually) and had had contact with missionaries before.

She invited us back a couple hours later to meet her daughter, Chantal, who is 15. We met her and learned that a friend of hers had actually taken her to church several times in Vegas, but lost contact with the church after she had moved away. She has now come to church twice here and we will be setting her with a baptismal date later today for December 6th!

I'm really excited for this work and can't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas than BAPTIZING PEOPLE!



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Transferred Again


Well i found out today that I am being Transferred. as to where i wont find out until tomorrow but i know that im being moved again. I realized that if I get 2 more companions i will hit the 20 comp mark! oy vey!

Things are Really slowing down in our area as we no longer have any active investigators... but at least transfers are on wednesday and I'll get a new area to work. Kepp your fingers crossed that I will go back into the branch!

Good luck to zack going into the MTC this week, good luck in the MTC and ill see you out here in january! PS wake up earlier than 630. you'll avoid the line in the shower. and if you end up in room 16M-101 get the top bunk by the door! 'Twas my old bed!

Love y'all!