Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another week in So. Cal

Hey everyone!

Conference was this week and was TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME! I loved all the talks Especially Elder Holland's talk on the truth of the Book of Mormon. you don't know how many times I hear people saying that the Book of Mormon was made up. All I have to say is watch that and know.

I also noticed how many of the talks, especially on Saturday, were all about Love. Love to one another and especially love toward god. I liked Elder Oaks' remark that God does not need our love. We need it.

AHH! I can't wait until conference releases and i can study the talks more in detail.

Alexandra is having struggles right now so please keep her in your prayers that she will find the truth of what we are teaching her.

well love all of you!


PS: for my birthday i really don't need all that much. Its getting colder here and we are allowed to wear sweater vests with our suit coats. we were at JCPenney last week and i saw some beautiful ones but they were like 30 dollars...

IDK really. im coming home in 5 months and don't really need a lot. Money mostly to be honest.... :P

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